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We offer CNC Machining . CNC MIll . CNC Lathe . Custom Machining and Fabrication . Auto Part Fixture

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We are a growing company committed to provide quality parts and services to our customers.
We currently offer manufacturing, repair and welding services throughout GTA.
We are located in Mississauga near Toronto Airport and 407. Our team consists of highly trained professionals in the industry with over 20 years of experience.
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Finishing and AssemblyMachines & Custom Work

Our specialized equipment and proprietary processes give us the capability to handle every job, regardless of size and complexity.

We can design and build one single unit or a bank of 100 units, whether for a capital project, a quick turnaround replacement, or an emergency response.

  • We currently operate with 3 CNC milling, 4 CNC Lathe, 4 manual milling and 1 manual lathe
  • We manufacture all kinds of customized 2D and 3D parts.
  • Let us finish and assemble your part so it gets delivered to you without the need for further work.
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Repair Services

Small broken parts
and taps

We repair all kind of small broken parts and taps

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Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining - CNC MIll - CNC Lathe

We offer CNC Machining . CNC MIll . CNC Lathe . Custom Machining and Fabrication. Auto Part Fixture

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Welding Services

Welding customized frames and racks

We specialize in welding customized frames and racks

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Customer Reviews

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Saitech Machines Ltd. has always

Saitech Machines Ltd. has always been great whenever we’ve needed someone on the job site. While on site, downtime is unacceptable because you’re never in a good place to stop. It is critical that we have direct access to someone who can get us out of a tight situation. They always assure us that we will get our project completed on time.


Saitech Machine Ltd. is a

Saitech Machine Ltd. is a very valuable asset to our company with respects to repair service. Their service department is very helpful in answering any of the technical questions that we may have regarding our requirement.


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